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How to crop an image in Canva?

Olaf Olaf • 12 Jun, 2024 3 min read • Blog• Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to crop an image in Canva? It might sound complicated but I assure you it’s not. Here you can also find a video about cropping an image in Canva. Buckle up and let’s get to it. 


Start by logging into Canva and creating a new design. Choose the type of design you want to work on, such as a social media post or a presentation slide. I choose LinkedIn post:

creating -a-Linkedln-post-in-Canva

Don’t forget to name it here: 


Once your design canvas is open, navigate to the “Elements” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.  


In the search bar, type in “frames” or “shapes” to find a suitable frame to use for cropping your image: 


You can also scroll down in elements to find frames and shapes: 


Now, select a frame that matches the shape you want to crop your image into. Canva offers a variety of shapes and frames to choose from, including circles, squares, hearts, and more. Click on it and it’ll appear on canvas. 

grid-appears-on-canvas -in-Canva

Let’s move to adding a photo. Click on the “Uploads” tab on the left-hand side of the screen and upload the image you want to crop.  


You can also use “copy” and “paste”. 


Now drag and drop the image onto your design canvas.


Double-click on the image to enter the editing mode. You can now adjust the position of the image within the frame by clicking and dragging it until you’re satisfied with the composition. 


Of course you can resize the frame by clicking (once) on it: 


Once you’re happy with how the image looks within the shape, finalize your design. You can then download the cropped image by clicking on the share button, then download bottom.


Don’t forget to select the desired file format. For optimal use, consider downloading the image with a transparent background (unfortunately Canva allows this function only for premium users). 


And that’s it. Now, you know how to crop an image in Canva. If you found this tutorial helpful, consider reading our others articles. Thank you for your support!