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How do I add a report to my Pipedrive dashboard?

Olaf Olaf • 29 Feb, 2024 2 min read • Blog• Sales

Having a CRM in your business is essential If you aim to build an efficient and well-oiled sales machine. To gradually improve this machine – you need data. If you are an active user of Pipedrive and you ever wondered “How do I add a report to my Pipedrive dashboard?” or happen to be someone curious about how such a report can look like – this short “How to” is created just for you.  


Step 1

To add a new report to your Pipedrive you need to go to the “Insights” section in the menu on the left:  


Step 2

Then navigate to a small plus in the top left corner and click “Add new” and choose “Report”  



Step 3

Depending on needs make a choice about the type of report and information that you want to see:  


Step 4

Choose additional conditions or adjust the ones that you get after choosing the certain type of report:  


Step 5

When you are done with adjustments just click “Save” in the upper right corner. Then choose where would you like the report to reside – which section and which dashboard (there’s a chance that you cannot choose a dashboard if you have a more basic PipeDrive plan):


And voila! Your new report is configured and added. Be sure to regularly check it out and update parameters in case you need to.