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Strategic workshops for a law firm
Strategic workshops for a law firm

The law firm faced challenges related to a lack of structured operations, insufficient knowledge about current and potential clients, and limited online visibility. The members of the firm felt that they needed to understand their market and create a cohesive strategy to grow and acquire new clients in an increasingly competitive environment.


It was decided to conduct strategic workshops aimed at diagnosing existing problems and proposing specific actions. During the workshops, the focus was on:

  • Current situation analysis: The current standing of the firm and its main challenges were examined.
  • Current and potential client analysis: Identified who the firm’s current clients are and who they could potentially be in the future.
  • Creation of buyer personas: Developed profiles of ideal clients, allowing the firm to better tailor its services to market needs.
  • Goal setting: Defined strategic, marketing, and business goals for the upcoming period.
  • Communication channel identification: Selected the most effective communication channels with current and potential clients.
  • Content training: Explained what valuable content is, how to create it, and how it can help the firm build relationships with clients.
  • Discussion on the significance of online analytics: Demonstrated how data analysis from the internet can be a key element of business and marketing strategy.

After the strategic workshops, the firm was ready to implement a new strategy. Among the actions taken were:

  • Creation of a new website: Through which the firm gained a modern image and a better tool for communicating with clients.
  • Blog post preparations: Helping to establish authority in the industry and attract a larger number of potential clients.
  • Media plan creation: To optimize advertising and promotional activities.
  • Evaluation of set actions: Regularly tracking progress and analyzing the effects of actions became a key motivational element for the firm’s members.


As a result of these actions, not only did the law firm increase its online visibility, but it also acquired the tools and knowledge needed for further growth and adaptation to the changing market needs.

As a partner in the law firm, I am very pleased with the outcomes of our strategic workshops. We identified our main challenges and effectively tailored our services to market needs. Defining goals and creating buyer personas were crucial for better understanding our clients. The new strategy, including a new website and blog, significantly increased our online visibility and contributed to the firm's growth.
Elżbieta Mosor
Adwokat, partner w kancelarii